Younger sister of Miriam Defensor-Santiago defends President Duterte: “MEDIA IS SPREADING DISINFORMATION”

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Amid the criticisms that the current Administration faces, the younger sister of the late former senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago expressed the support of her whole family to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Paula Defensor-Knack who currently living in the Hague, informed everyone that she and the whole Defensor family supported Duterte and they believe that it’s their duty to defend the President.

Younger sister of Miriam Defensor-Santiago defends President Duterte: - younger sister of miriam defensor santiago defends president duterte media is spreading disinformation - Younger sister of Miriam Defensor-Santiago defends President Duterte: “MEDIA IS SPREADING DISINFORMATION”

She slammed the local media for exaggerated some issues like the EU Parliament on the drug war and the Benham Rise issue.

“Local media is spreading false stories and facts. Some are half-truths. They twist things so people see only 1 side and they hide the rest of the story. I am in the EU. Nothing serious is happening regarding the Philippines as of this posting. How could they care, we are not even a member of the EU and the EU Court is for EU members. MEDIA IS SPREADING DISINFORMATION.

The opposition’s alternative to Duterte is EVEN WORSE and HAS NO SKILLS !” Defensor-Knack wrote.


According to her, EU Parliament cannot refer a case to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because they are not investigators and only the prosecutors from ICC can decide if they wanted to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte.

Defensor-Knack even wondered the possibility to debate the best legal expert of the opposition, but she’s afraid that she might embarrassed them.

She also educated the netizens about the Benham Rise issue.

“No dispute in Benham Rise. It is NOT national territory. It is underwater region/dormant volcano, continental shelf/economic zone area. We have rights to explore and exploit. We were the only one that filed application in the UN Commission on Continental Shelf. Others need our permission. Foreign ships can pass. No Problem,” Defensor-Knack wrote.

“The ownership of the Spratleys is disputed because the arbitration tribunal could not rule on ownership of maritime features. No one owns Benham Rise but since it is continental shelf, it is in our economic zone though the continental shelf can be beyond the EEZ,” she added.

The Philippines was also not even mentioned at the regular meeting of Legal and Political Advisors at the Hague this month, but other countries facing human rights crisis like Syria were mentioned.

In her latest post, Defensor-Knack doubted if the ICC prosecutor would believe the “obvious money-fueled testimony of an assassin for hire”.

“Why don’t we write ICC Prosecutor Bensouda and the ICC judges instead not to intervene in Philippine affairs because THEY ARE SIDING WITH THE waning OPPOSITION WHICH WANTS TO OVERTHROW A LEGAL HEAD OF STATE in violation of the Constitution,” she wrote.

Supporters of Rodrigo Duterte thanked the Defensor family for defending the President.

She was even urged by the Netizens to run for Senate next election.

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