Senator Trillanes declared as ‘persona non grata’ in Davao City for his derogatory remarks vs. Duterte’s hometown

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is now barred to go to the bailiwick of President Rodrigo Duterte after he was declared as persona non grata by town council of Davao.

Other than Trillanes, Filipino-American billionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis was additionally not welcome to go to Davao City.

The declaration towards Trillanes and Lewis was made by the Davao City Council throughout a daily session on Tuesday.

Based on vice mayor Bernard Al-ag, Senator Trillanes tagged Davao City as the ‘most dangerous city’ in the Philippines and so they have been offended by the assertion of the fiercest critic of the President who grew to become the mayor of the mentioned metropolis for twenty years.

Assertion of Davao City Vice Mayor Bernard E. Al-ag 

Trillanes additionally likened the Dabawenyos to North Koreans and he believed that the folks of Davao have been brainwashed by their former Mayor to persuade that they have been residing in the most secure metropolis in the Philippines.

“Mr Trillanes is dangerous. Every word you utter is intended to destroy lives. You are unwelcome in our city of Davao. You have not done anything good at all to our city!.” Al-ag mentioned in a press release.

“Let us not forget how he destroyed Oakwood Hotel in 2003 and The Manila Peninsula in 2007. Now you want to destroy my City? No way! You want to destroy my people? No way!” he added.

Al-ag additionally challenged the individuals who attended the discussion board of Trillanes in Chicago to go to Davao City and witness how protected is town which managed by President Rodrigo Duterte for twenty years.

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“I am challenging the Filipinos in Chicago who attended the forum of Mr. Trillanes to come and visit Davao City. Try riding our taxis, our jeepneys… try walking in our streets in the middle of the night, try eating in our restaurants and karenderias, try going to our police stations.” he mentioned.

“And if you will feel even an iota of danger, if you feel and think that Davao City is a city of murderers and rapists as what Mr. Trillanes declared, I will refund all your travel expenses plus pocket money going back to Chicago.” he added.

The senator additionally accused President Rodrigo Duterte and his household of amassing ill-gotten wealth and linked the President’s son former vice mayor Paolo Duterte, to a Chinese language drug triad.

The Dutertes denied the allegation, saying that Senator Trillanes is simply making up tales to destroy the present President.

In the meantime, Senator Trillanes was not intimidated by the declaration of the Davao City council towards him.

Based on him, he solely used the police statistics launched in 2015, which mentioned that Duterte’s hometown bought essentially the most variety of homicide instances and the second highest in phrases of rape.

“The truth, definitely, hurts… The people of Davao either know it but tolerate it out of fear or they’ve actually believed the lie that was fed to them that Davao City is the safest city in the world,” he mentioned in a press release.

In the course of the discussion board in Chicago, Senator Trillanes claimed that Davao City is the ‘most dangerous city’ in the Philippines.

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“Kasi based doon sa statistics from the Philippine National Police (PNP), number one ang Davao City sa murder at number two sa rape.”

“”Pero yung mga taga Davao ay so brainwashed into believing that Davao City is the most secure metropolis, not solely in the Philippines, however in the world. Tanungin mo sila, ganon, para silang mga North Koreans,”

As of writing, Loida Nicolas-Lewis will not be but releasing a press release on the declaration of Davao City council towards her.

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