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Philippines’ Duterte calls Kim Jong-un a ‘maniac’ over nuclear threats

두테르테 “김정은, 미치광이…위험한 장난감 갖고 놀아”
The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte… is a man who doesn’t shy away from controversy,… and he’s at it once more… this time launching a blistering verbal attack on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
Duterte’s comments come a matter of days before Manila is set to host a regional forum… to discuss Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile threats.
Yu Joonhee has this report.
President Rodrigo Duterte had some choice words to share regarding North Korean leader Kim Jong-un… calling him a “fool” and a “maniac”, who could destroy Asia by starting a nuclear war.
His remarks came on the eve of a regional summit… set to take place in Manila,… which will be attended by North Korea’s foreign minister.
The security threat posed by Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program, is likely to be one of the key topics at the upcoming ASEAN Regional Forum.

“You know, if that guy, I do not think he is ready, but he is playing with dangerous toys.”

This is not the first time Duterte has criticized the regime’s leader,… having already questioned his sanity back April,… and urging the U.S. not to play into the hands of a man who wants to “end the world”.
This year, Duterte is the chairman of the ASEAN bloc of nations… and will be Hosting an annual regional forum,… which will bring together top officials from 27 countries.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, will also be in Manila to attend the meeting.
With the summit expected to focus heavily on concerns over North Korea’s missile tests, Pyongyang’s foreign minister Ri Yong-ho, could be facing a few snubs and cold shoulders.
Yu Joonhee, Arirang News.

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