Michelle Madrigal shares she’s learning to accept her post-pregnant body Trending

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Actress Michelle Madrigal has already given delivery to her firstborn on Oct. 20, 2017, however she shared that she remains to be experiencing post-pregnancy anxieties.

In accordance to ABS-CBN Information, the actress remains to be learning to love her body after she has gained weight. She shared her sentiments on her Instagram account with the deal with of mitch_madrigal. The supply quoted her writing:

“Not gonna lie, it is not an easy thing to do knowing that I’ve never weighed more than 115 lbs in my entire life. I do have some flabby areas that need some lifting but I am definitely loving the size of my behind now (thanks to pregnancy).”

“All I’m saying is… We all heal differently post-pregnancy and we shouldn’t beat ourselves too much if we don’t lose the baby weight right away, specially seeing other women do it her on social media.”

“But it doesn’t mean that we should be complacent of what we have just because we had a baby. Being a mother shouldn’t hinder us from taking care of ourselves. Snap back when you’re ready and make yourself proud.”




The actress wrote the next hashtags in her image: #StrongMom, #MomBod, #11weekspostpartum, and #trustyourjourney.

Many of the netizens congratulated her for learning to love herself. When she gave delivery to her firstborn, Michelle stated that her life has “completely changed.”




In a separate Instagram put up, she was quoted as writing:

“Motherhood is an amazing experience! Figuring out breastfeeding, sleepless nights, hunger cues and the lists goes on… We are sleep deprived, but like everyone says, it is worth every minute! I wouldn’t trade this for the world!”

Now, it’s secure to say that Michelle Madrigal is on her approach to turning into mom.



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