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Man behind the rape-slay of a 22 year old bank worker arrested, suspect positive in using ‘shabu’


The authorities arrested on Sunday the suspect behind the rape-slay of Mabel Calma, 22 a bank worker in Pasig City.

According to Pasig City Chief of Police Senior Superintendent Orlando Yebra, the suspect was identified as Randy Oavenada, 37 a truck driver working for Timber Port Enterprises.

They traced the suspect after the forensic investigation determined that the fingerprint of Yebra matched on the cellphone possessed by the victim before the crime happened.

The drug test also confirmed that Yebra is positive in using illegal drugs.

Oavenada is currently in the custody of Pasig Police.

According the the authorities, they started to suspect Oavenada after he gave an inconsistent testimony to them.

The family of the victim is planning to file charges against the suspect for committing rape and homicide.

Aside from Yebra, the police is also looking for another four persons of interest.

Last week the father of the victim, Reynaldo Cama, 53, who works as auto-electrician at the Mega Bus Line company asked the authorities to find her missing daughter.

But the dream of Reynaldo for her daughter turned into ashes after they found out that her daughter was raped and killed.

The remains of Calma’ were found on November 12 in an abandoned barracks about 100 meters away from her residence in a private compound on Ortigas Avenue Extension in Barangay Rosario.

Her body was half-naked and had burn marks from the waist down. The victim’s underwear and shorts were found on the ground beside Calma.

Because of what happened, Mega Bus Line owner and Paracale, Camarines Norte, Mayor Lourdes Villamonte Briguerra offered 50,000 pesos for the people who’s willing to give an information on the whereabouts of the suspects.

Netizens lauded the authorities for their fast action on the case, they also urged the government to revive the death penalty bill to punish the criminals who raped and killed Mabel.

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