Inday-Sara burns Leah Navarro by her creative response when Baby Stonefish mocks by the former artist

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Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio responded on the tweet of the former artist Leah Navarro that mocked her son Baby Stonefish.

In her tweet, Leah Navarro shared an article about President Rodrigo Duterte and Baby Stonefish and wrote: “Poor kid. One day someone’s gonna call him “hey, Stonedfish!”


The Netizens quickly defended the child who got mocked by Ms. Navarro and asked her why she didn’t spared the child just because she don’t like President Rodrigo Duterte.

A day after Leah’s tweet, Inday-Sara Duterte responded to the tweet of Navarro and instead of posting harsh criticisms against the artist who mocks her child, she chosen a witty response.

In her Instagram post, Inday-Sara acted as Stonefish and she said that her baby is more intelligent than the former artist.

She even boasted that Stonefish grandfather is the President of the Philippines and his godfather is Joseph Ejercito Estrada a former President.

“Leah Navarro. Kahit pa ano sabihin mo. Presidente pa rin ang Lolo ko at Presidente ang Ninong ko. At mas matalino Mama ko sa iyo, therefore, mas matalino ako sa iyo kahit 15 days old lang ako. — President Stonefish Carpio #goodvibes #dancedancedance #dancesinglovelive #du30 According to a study, children inherit their intelligence from their mother ” Inday Sara wrote.

Netizens praised Inday-Sara for keeping his cool to the criticisms of Ms. Navarro against her family.

Baby Stonefish parents are both Lawyer that came from the respected families in politics and law.

Inday-Sara Duterte gave the nickname to her newest child because she loves the sea so much.

Stonefish’s older brother nickname is “Stingray” and her sister’s nickname is “Sharky”

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