Site Update

New Site Update (Dec-17-2017)

We updated the Pinoy News Online Portal so visitor can easy to read the articles

Here are some of the added feature of the website:

  • 3 columns (2 sidebars)
  • Newsletter
  • Push Notification (Working)
  • Match Content on Footer

Here are some the removed features of the website:

  • Infinite scroll
  • Disqus
  • Facebook popup


3 Columns 2 sidebars

We made up decision that we change the post layout to 3 column 2 sidebars(left and right) and content on center. The 3 columns consist by following

  • In 1st column(sidebar#1) contents – Latest Post, Popular Post, Request/Free Ads, Newsletter
  • In 2nd column(content) contents – Featured Image, Content, Related Ads and Comments
  • In 3rd column(sidebar#2) contents – Ads(our revenue), Facebook Like
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A newsletter is simply a letter about news. It is usually sent directly to a select list of clients that have join the mail list it.

Push Notification

Push notifications certainly are a communication channel built in every mobile device sold today. Push notifications allow apps to attain out to users with short messages that users may interact to. More Explaination here


Match Content on Footer

This feature is given by google per post and page to tell what are the related or same content around the Pinoy News Online website.




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