Site Update

New Design Update

We updated the Pinoy News Online Portal to much more easy to read and able to read more post/articles/videos.

Here are some of the added feature of the website:

  • Sticky Sidebars
  • SEO Optimized
  • infinite Scroll
  • Threaded comments
  • Share Buttons
  • Related Content, Recommended for you & Trending News
  • Anti-AdBlock
  • Advertisement for Visitors

Based on our research in how to build more value content for the readers. 85% of readers not click the next post since they only click the related/trend post which attention the next topic or issues so we decided to include in auto load the next post of the website regardless its a post/articles/videos.

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We also adding Threaded Comment for people also post their own view on the post.

Installing SEO Optimize, this will help the website strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website.

Embedded Share Buttons, this will help reader to share what post they like

Related Content, Recommended for you & Trending News are some the features added on the website. Related Content is based on what google matched content. Recommended for you is based on the overall hot topic for the day. Trending News is the overall trending topic for the week.

Anti-Adblock – this add on is to ensure that you will receive or see our Google Advertisement.

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Advertisement for Visitors – This will allow visitor to post their own ads in the width of 300px x 250px dimension.

Here are the features that remove/discontinue on the old website:

  • Facebook Comments
  • Splash Screen on First Visit per Session

I hope you enjoy the new Pinoy News Online Portal


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