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Related Posts are meant to help boost on-site engagement and encourage repeat visits. These easy-to-use tools allow you to highlight relevant, trending content dependent on our visitors’ interests and web browsing behaviors—allowing one to provide our audience which has a truly personalized experience.

How Related Posts Help Boost On-site Engagement

1. Increases pageviews and audience time on-site.

When someone hits our website in my ballet shoes it’s typically at a Google search, social networking post or by having a link on another website. our goal, once our mind is with our site, should be to keep them there provided that possible. The more pages they read, the higher they familiarize ourself with you. The better they familiarize ourself with you, the extra likely they are to convert.

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By suggesting relevant content for every single site visitor, Related Posts helps one to encourage browsing across our blog. In fact, research suggests that content recommendations can improve our on-site click-through rate by approximately 50%!

2. Powers a customized site experience.

Related Posts tend to be more than just a curated listing of our newest content. Through evaluating any visitors’ browsing background what articles on our site are trending, the tool can identify which waste content on the site will be most relevant for a visitor—allowing that you offer personalized recommendations and raise the likelihood of an optimistic experience with our brand.

3. Helps to identify our hottest content.

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This doesn’t just provide our website visitors with an enhanced digital experience, The Analytics Dashboard provides metrics on content performance—which pieces are seeing by far the most activity and exactly how visitors are interacting with our web site. These insights are critical in determining what content you ought to be investing in to boost conversions and engagement.

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