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We are adding new featured the newsletter.

Before I go further – i want to say that I’m not discussing RSS to email newsletters that only convert your RSS feed into emails. I’m speaking about building a list of customers who get yourself a weekly or monthly (or some other period) purpose written newsletter. It might point website visitors to your blog and posts you’ve written but it’s purpose written and sometimes includes other material only at newsletter subscribers.

1. Newsletters create Loyalty

The many your blogs readers never keep coming back.

The sad truth is that despite good efforts, there’s a great deal of passing through traffic of many blogs. People arrive from the search engine, another web or blogsite or a social media marketing site – they stay for a couple of moments, consume what you can and move on.

Unless you locate a way to ‘hook’ people into returning to your site the many your readers won’t return. It’s not really that they don’t desire to or that the site is bad – they only forget and/or haven’t any means to remind themselves of your site.

A newsletter is often a way of giving the individuals who arrive on your site a solution to opt in to being reminded to revisit to your site. The same goes for RSS but a newsletter reaches a new crowd to RSS (much more about this below).

2. Newsletters Develop Relationships and Trust

After 2 yrs of sending weekly newsletters to my readership at DPS I’m now beginning to get some interesting interactions from subscribers. They’re emailing me like they’d email a pal.
What I’m finding could be that the weekly newsletters (where I’ve got a photograph of myself and share an occasional call snippets from my entire life including the birth of kids, trips I’m taking, stuff that I’m doing) are generating me very familiar to my subscribers. They seem to sense that they ‘know me’. It’s tough to explain but I guess once you get as many emails from someone because they people get from me – they will really do ‘know me’ (at the very least on some levels).
Not only do emails build relationships and intimacy together with your readership – they build trust. My newsletter subscribers interact to affiliate promotions a lot more than my normal blog readers. They seem that you follow the recommendations that I make and try the items I suggest.
RSS and merely blogging can build relationships and trust also – but I suspect adding email newsletters into your mix improves it.

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3. Newsletters Drive Page Views/Traffic

My biggest traffic days are the ones that I send newsletters. I use newsletters to focus on new posts for the blog and key discussions within the forum that I run. The more helpful and topical the posts and discussions the harder traffic the links inside the newsletter drives.

Interestingly – if you’d like an ‘explosive’ burst of people to a particular post a newsletter might be great for this. For example:

if you’re launching a fresh product or service and desire to kick them back well – undertake it with a newsletter and also a blog post
if you’re launching a whole new affiliate campaign – get it done the same day you send out a newsletter
if you’re wanting a post to accomplish well with a social bookmarking site like Digg – put a digg button around the post and some minutes later distribute your newsletter pointing people with the post.
These sudden bursts of traffic can certainly help build momentum round the projects that you’re starting.

4. Newsletters are Familiar

Most of internet users don’t really know what RSS is and should you not offer them a communication subscription option they can be unlikely to ‘subscribe’. While RSS awareness keeps growing, some study shows that it’s slowing and in many cases peaking in it’s use. I personally feel it’ll carry on growing and be employed by people (regardless if they don’t know they’re while using the technology) but email continues (at the very least in the short term) being one of the most used varieties of communication around the planet.

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This can be a little based mostly on your topic and audience. Some of the readerships is often more tech savvy (and RSS familiar) as opposed to runners and in those cases email newsletters might not be quite as effective – but I suspect for most niches offering a newsletter are going to be effective.

5. Newsletters Build a Core Community and Enhance Reader Engagement

One word that keeps springing up as I talk with my newsletter subscribers is ‘membership’. I don’t make use of the word but have noticed increasingly that subscribers consider themselves as ‘members’ or as having subscribed to ‘membership’. I find it interesting the subscribers don’t see themselves as just receiving a communication (being a subscriber) but as having joined something or becoming a member of your community.

I guess subscribing to something is often a reader showing some a higher level participation and persistence for a site – by doing this they’re investing something in your site and think that participants.

I utilize the words ‘core community’ above because I find that people who sign up for a newsletter tend to be among the most loyal and committed members of your blog post’s community. These are folks who want the within word on the site and are also telling you that they wish to know what’s occurring as soon as they are able to. They’ve given you permission to get hold of them – being a result they’re a robust group of individuals to know and become able to communicate to (and they’re able to actually enable you to grow your site further as they is usually effective evangelists to suit your needs).

6. Newsletters can Track and Target Groups of Readers

Using a power tool like Aweber to own your newsletter offers you access to all sorts of interesting tools, stats and opportunities. You can track which links inside your post maximum benefit clicks (this could be used as being a form of research into what readers answer) nevertheless, you can also segment readers into different groups and target all of them with individual messages.

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For example:

You can send special newsletters simply to new subscribers – for instance you could send a message every month only to those who’ve enrolled in that time highlighting key posts with your archives.
You can track who trys to follow affiliate links as part of your posts and send them emails with special offers
You can send special emails simply to subscribers who never open emails (testing subject lines with various strategies within them)
Really heaven is the limit in regards to what you can test and exactly how you can target readers.

7. Newsletters help build Momentum

I use my newsletter not just for promotion of content and internet programs but to create a sense of momentum in my blog. Every few weeks on my small photography blog I’ll give subscribers nowadays insight into milestones that we’ve reached to be a community, mentions we’ve been on mainstream media, the latest features that we’re adding etc. In this way I give those subscribed a sense how they’re an integral part of something that keeps growing and exciting.

I realize that as I make this happen that readers respond adequately and give me feedback about how they’ve been enhancing the site to cultivate (by promoting it thus to their friends).

8. Newsletters Open Up Possibilities for Monetization

Newsletters open another avenue for profit for anyone developing internet sites.

I’ve stated earlier numerous times that newsletters might be effective on the subject of affiliate programs – but they will also be good in relation to advertising revenue.

Selling ad space inside our newsletter is usually quite lucrative whenever you build up your readership. I’ve learned that advertisers might be willing to pay quite good CPM rates simply because they know a newsletter subscriber base usually are pretty committed and loyal readers (and incredibly focused around a market too).

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