Adding New Push Notification – Cross-Platform

UPDATE: Upon Changing to HTTPs, we can’t revert it back to HTTP so we will create a new Popup Notification based on HTTP. Please bare with our. 😀

Push notifications certainly are a communication channel built in every mobile device sold today.

Push notifications allow apps to attain out to users with short messages that users may interact to.

Three what you should know about push notifications:

  • Push notifications are the first and frequently most important communications channel utilised by apps
  • Nearly every major app uses push notifications for transactions and re-engagement.
  • Push notification technology is rapidly evolving from your simple message delivery system to your rich and interactive medium
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If you have problem on Push Notification here are some tips to remove specific cookie,

  • Go to Any Browser Setting and Look for Privacy & Content Settings
  • Search or type for pinoynews and delete shown
  • Go back to the www.pinoynewsonline.info page and you will see the popup

More info please see this video : How to delete individual site cookies from google chrome

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