Adding Disqus as Public Comment for Post

UPDATE: We currently remove the Disqus because Philippines use Facebook as comment place if you see a PH site website with many Disqus Comments possible there are bots.


We have recently set up Disqus comment box, and it fits perfectly to my site, you can check my site before you would want to try this out. Disqus is quite a bit sophisticated but not difficult to implement. It can let readers login and comment using their internet identity such as facebook, open id, WordPress, Blogger etc.

Here are notable features of DISQUS comment system:

  • Threaded comments
  • Email notification & Subscription
  • Powerful comment moderation tool
  • Prevent comment spam
  • Import DISQUS comment back to WordPress comment system
  • Responsive & mobile support
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I hope you will try to comment and open up your own views on the specific topic.

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