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UPDATE: We Disable Our AMP due to result of small visitor and google inaccurate analytics and ads revenue 


Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Project is in essence a framework designed to help serve web pages on mobile devices quicker, succinctly, and using less resources.

Benefits For Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

1: Speed

Everything is about speed these days. Especially when it comes to content presentation on a mobile device. Did you know that the average Accelerated Mobile Page loads 15%-85% quicker than a regular web page? Mobile users are far more demanding these days than ever before. The speed aspect of Accelerated Mobile Pages plays a factorial role in ensuring that content is delivered as fast as possible on a mobile device.

The technical aspect of speed for AMP is actually quite intriguing. Most users are unaware of the elements that take place on the background during content delivery. Let’s take a quick glimpse so you can get a basic sense of how a page is requested, rendered, and delivered.

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2: Accessibility

This one is a bit similar to speed but not entirely. The average attention span of an internet user these day on a mobile device is approximately 5 seconds. That is shorter than a blowfish. Sad but true. As consumers we thrive on fresh content as it helps us stay informed, updated, and plugged in to the digital world. Therefore accessibility plays a key role especially in Accelerated Mobile Pages. Your customers are pursuant of accessing information that pertains to the products and services you sell. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages provides improved accessibility to your web pages. If your current or potential customers are capable of accessing content much faster than they might be more inclined to make faster decisions.

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3: Innovation

The innovation aspect of using an Accelerated Mobile Page is a great one. Obviously anything related to innovation offers an added value proposition. Making your website eligible for AMP will not only help position you as an innovator but also a go-to source. You see, Accelerated Mobile Pages are shown on mobile devices at Google’s discretion. For instance, your brand may be the only one in your industry or vertical eligible for this feature. Therefore from a market perception standpoint you may gain additional recognition and deemed as an innovator. An innovation would be classified as a new method or idea. In this case leveraging the power of Accelerated Mobile Pages to help position your brand as an innovator.

4: Distribution

Content distribution is an a la carte of speed and accessibility. Taking those two into consideration assists with distributing content on mobile devices a lot quicker. That is the essence of how a brand that is equipped with AMP can compete on a with others on a distribution level. These days it’s all about delivering content much quicker and efficiently to mobile users.

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5: Experience

Accelerated Mobile Pages provide an all-around better user experience. On mobile devices user experience is a key ingredient for engagement. An eloquent presentation of content can ensure that your mobile visitors are interpreting it succinctly. If you take a closer look at the format of Accelerated Mobile Pages you will see that it’s a lot more clean. The flat design look resonates a lot with majority of modern internet users. For a lot of obvious reasons too that mainly pertain to usability.

Do you have any questions regarding Accelerated Mobile Pages? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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